More Software

You may need more software than what comes included with Blender-boot. You can use the software center, synaptic package manager or just paste the codes below in the terminal.

Need something like Adobe illustrator then download Inkscape search for it in the software center or use the terminal and type in

sudo apt-get inkscape

Want to use a different browser than chromium lots of different browsers are included in the software center even the popular Firefox browser. You can install Firefox from the terminal by entering

sudo apt-get firefox

Need some office software for a Microsoft office alternative try Libre office from the software center or something lighter use Abiword and Gnumeric as word and excel alternatives. You can install these from the terminal by entering

sudo apt-get libreoffice

sudo apt-get abiword

sudo apt-get gnumeric

You may also need to edit videos or sounds I recommend getting Openshot and Audicity for these tasks, grab them from the software center. Also you can install these form the terminal by entering them.

sudo apt-get openshot 

sudo apt-get audicity

For an alternative to Microsoft Outlook use Mozilla Thunderbird from the software center. To install from terminal enter

sudo apt-get thunderbird

Need to burn some of your work to a dvd get K3b from the software center or using the terminal enter

sudo apt-get k3b

There is software for every need available for Blender-boot, anything specific you need just ask me.


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