Blender-boot 1 Suzanne

Final will be released June 11th! A special reviewer preview will be available to proven reviewers soon, just contact me if your interested.

Alpha 1 is no longer available
Alpha 2 release announcement and download information
Beta release announcement and download information

Blender-boot 2 Vertice

Development will begin shortly after the release of Blender-boot 1 Suzanne final.


  1. I can't get the download to work. I've tried downloading it 3 times, but each time it only downloads part of it and package manager says it's corrupted (or at least won't extract it). Could you maybe split it up into smaller part1 part2 etc. packages? I suspect it's my glitchy internet connection.

  2. Is it the beta and what are you using to download it. I have checked the download myself in fact a few times and everyone else has downloaded OK as far as I know. It does not need to be extracted its an ISO for making a live CD or USB. If you conatact me using the contact page we can talk it through by email, then decide what would be the best way to fix it.

  3. is this ditribution dead in terms of development