Thursday, 29 March 2012

Getting there update 8

So Blender-boot is starting to shape up very nicely i have the system exactly how I want it works very well. Only problem is my lack of knowledge with Remastersys and choosing Xfce makes life harder with Remastersys. As I said in a previous update anyone that has spare time and wants to jump in with this project let me know :D

As it stands Blender boot has
Blender 2.62 (which automatically  updates through system update to latest builds)
Gimp 2.74 (with single window mode, wanted 2.75 but Ubuntu did not lol, still better than 2.6 you can get through Ubuntu though)
Chromium browser 17 (why Chromium sign in and all your settings and bookmarks load straight up and its very fast :D)
Ubuntu software centre (the easiest way to install new software)
Blender-boot now has 7GB of free online storage as it has Dropbox with 2GB free storage and Ubuntu1 with 5GB free storage (save your models to one of these and they will be right there in your dropbox or Ubuntu1 on your main system)
Abiword 2.8.6, Gedit and Evince for viewing text tutorials etc
VLC 2.0 (for video tutorials etc)
Guake terminal (drop down terminal with shorcut changed to Ins(insert) key as default was F12 ie the Blender render shorcut)
PCMAN file manager (tools to open as root or in a terminal very useful)
Thunderbird (for email)
and more

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