Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just tried out a pre alpha... Update 6

So just tried out a pre-alpha... not even a proper build yet, just a very stripped down and customized Xubuntu. I was running it in a virtual box, still the speed was great. I have it doing the things I want like loading straight into blender on boot etc, I also have it looking quite nice. I wanted to use the Mint menu but found out it was a resource hog so sticking with Xfce menu for now. Panel has a launcher with Blender, Chromium, and Gimp Shortcuts, a icon that you can click to show your folders including documents, pictures, dropbox, etc and normal things like a clock network notification, sound control, email notification and dropbox tray icon. The idea being you can access everything you may need without barely using the menu or desktop. I am thinking of adding a separate browser configured completely for one purpose Blender bookmarks. This browser will have bookmarks to lots of Blender sites like, Blender nation, Blendswap, Blender cookie etc plus individual links to handy tutorials on sites blogs youtube etc for quick access and leaving your main browser clutter free for your own bookmarks. File manger at the moment is Thunar this could change. May be using Ubuntu software center after all as Deepin software center is not doing what i want it to do under Xfce, small problem but its enough to put me off using it, will work on this though. I will leave Abiword installed as i can think why it could be handy sometimes, also a document viewer for Pdf`s for tutorials etc. Obviously no games, I will test a few video players for playing video tutorials like the ones you can buy from Blender Cookie etc. As for other software there is quite a few applications i am thinking about using but want to keep Blender-boot as small as possible.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome, also anyone that wants to become part of the project is welcome too. Just comment below-

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