Saturday, 10 March 2012

Welcome to the Blender-boot project Update 1

Hi and welcome!
The blender-boot project is my idea to create a bootable flash drive that boots straight into blender with very little other application services etc running. The USB will be a lightweight custom Ubuntu distro, using most likely the LXDE window manager. On booting the usb, it will go straight into the distro with Blender already open. The whole idea is to make blender and especially renders as smooth and fast as possible. A bleeding-edge Blender PPA will be added to be sure you have the latest stable version, provided by updating not reninstalling. The USB will have persistence to store your work and also Dropbox to load your files in your main Os or another pc etc. Default applications that may change (except Blender obviously) are as follows:
Dropbox for easy file transfer
Gimp for textures, render tweaking etc
Chrome for looking up tutorials and support choose Chrome as its has instant sync between pc`s when logging in so you will have same bookmarks etc as you do in your main OS
Guake terminal for any terminal needs too many to list choose Gauke as it can be accessed any time you need  it by just pressing one key (default is F12 will try change this for the usb or give instructions to change it, as F12 is default key for render in blender)
Deepin software center for installing any other applications you may need(Deepin runs smoother than Ubuntu software center)

file manager is undecided at this moment in time

More applications may be added still but want to keep it to the minimum 

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