Sunday, 11 March 2012

Why am i doing this? Update 4

You may wonder why i think this is worth doing and why i will invest time into it. I decided to do a quick test just before this post so i found one of the models im working on in blender rendered it in windows saved it in my drop box then restarted my pc booting into Linux. At the moment i am dual booting Windows 7 and Linux Mint i choose mint for many reasons and it fills all my needs so no need to install something like Arch. Anyway the test results Windows 7: 29 seconds and Linux Mint: 13 seconds that is less than half the time Windows took. These results would improve on a lighter desktop as right now my Linux Mint is using the fantastic Cinnamon and also i have alot of other stuff running using up resources. Where as blender-boot will have a light desktop environment and less running in the background. It was not the most complex render so I will be doing more testing when Blender-boot Alpha 1 is ready but in my experience Linux always renders quicker.

I used same machine and standard Blender 2.62 for both
amd fx bulldozer 4100
8gb ram
ati hd 6850(yes even ATI cards work well enough for Blender tasks at least under Linux)

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