Monday, 30 April 2012

A bit of a surprise Blender-boot 1 Suzanne Beta 2 is here!......

Well as I have posted here, there was going to be a reviewers preview but I had a few people pointing out this was unfair as everyone should get to use it. So I have come to my senses and changed it to beta 2, the disadvantage of this is right now there is only a 64bit version available. I will work on the 32bit version and get it out either this week or the next. The download and more information are below, thanks for your interest in Blender-boot.

Download Blender-boot 1 Suzanne beta 2
Warning it is advised not to upgrade to 12.04 as it will cause problem Blender-boot 2 alpha 1 will be available in June with 12.04 used as the base

- login details for the live session are Username:live Password:(leave blank there is no password)  

- Blender-boot includes a very up to date Blender built from trunk almost every day. Easy to update using the Update Manager or my Blender-up/Blender updater application

Gimp 2.74 is included for image editing, I am getting 2.8 ready for Blender-boot 2. To switch to single window mode just use the window menu inside Gimp.

- The download is smaller but there is more software! Inkscape for vector graphics, MyPaint for painting textures and a few smaller applications. Full list of applications will be on the website when its finished with lots of info about each application.

Guake is included, its a great terminal that is set to show and hide using the Ins(insert) key.

- You can find more information and tutorials at the blog, I hope to have the website and forum ready by the final release.

- Blender-boot beta 2 is not the final version as it is still in progress, so there may be a few minor issues. Blender-boot 1 Suzanne will be released June 11th.

The Blender-up/Blender updater application is not the final result, it still works great just put in your password and click ok, the application will then update Blender and notify you when finished. I should have time to heavily test the new version I have made, then I will include it in the final version. The next version of Blender-boot (2) will include a few applications I have in development specifically designed to make things easier for Blender-boot and Blender users. 

- The artwork included is by artists who submitted their art to me, They are known as Michael Gamboa, DeviantVicky and Furmaru The new logo was created by Casio23

- Blender-boot is based off Xubuntu and it uses Xfce for the desktop environment, it has been heavily customized but will still feel familiar for users.

If there is any problems, questions or suggestions contact me and will get back to you as soon I can

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