Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blender-boot 1 Suzanne Beta release announcement!

Blender-boot 1 suzanne is now officially in beta. The alphas were about testing and implementing some basic functions. Beta is finalizing the features for this release, as in the software and settings that the final release will have. You will find a list of changes below and the link to the 64bit version, the 32bit version will hopefully be released later today if not tomorrow.

List of features and changes:Blender 2.6 with almost daily SVN builds from trunk (update using update manager or terminal, no need to reinstall etc overwrites current version but keeps your settings)
Gimp 2.74 this is the one piece of software that has the most likelihood of changing, to a newer version of course. Chromium browser fast and syncs your setting from main system when you sign in.The Ubuntu software center the easiest way to install new software (Blender-boot also includes synaptic package manager or you can use the terminal too, see the more software page on the blog for more details)
Thunar file manager lightwieght and easy to use (pcman file manager has been removed as Alpha 2 had both, decided its just as easy to open thunar as root in a terminal see Terminal commands page on blog)
Evince document viewer for viewing tutorial or over PDF`sVLC player for tutorial videos (all other players have been removed as VLC plays almost anything)
Gedit text editor(decided to remove Abiword as it was  not needed for Blender work really and not as useful as a good text editor (getting Abiword back is easy see the more software page on the blog)
Guake a great drop down terminal shows and hides with the Ins(insert) key very customizable and you can have multiple tabs.
Update manager has been kept in for people who like to update using a gui rather than a terminal.
The artwork has had feedback overnight and I realize not everyone is keen on it now, the logo and the artwork across the whole of Blender-boot will be going through a big change during the two months between beta and final.

Plans for final which will be releasing June 12thOther than the artwork I am hoping not many changes are needed but as always I will listen to any feedback and fix any bugs or problems. This way I can focus on cleaning the sytsem up and shrinking the ISO size more. Also trying to remove the need to login on the live session I have left username and password the same from Alpha 2 for now. Also there is pink sections in the installer, I know what is causing this and will fix it if I can. Will also be adding more driver support.
Big note to everyone I am a one man team who has put countless hours into this but I am not perfect at all lol. So if you would like any changes or you would like to submit art etc for the project let me know :D
Downloads here
Live session login username: custom password: (there is no password leave it blank)

To burn to USB using Windows I recommend using Linux Live Usb Creator, very easy to use and you can set persistence to  use Blender-boot as a portable distro. (please say bug page for persistence problem)
To burn to USB using Ubuntu based distro use Startup Disk Creator, also very easy to use and you can set persistence to  use Blender-boot as a portable distro. (please say bug page for persistence problem)

To burn to USB using other Linux distro`s use Unetbootin or similar, there is alot of software for this purpose.


  1. I would like to ask if you've been successfully able to use LinuxLive USB Creator on Windows to make a live USB drive *with persistence*.

    I have not been able to successfully use the live boot (made with LinuxLive) with persistence. If you have been able to get it working, would you mind sharing your settings?


  2. Hi peter I rarely use Windows, I have just checked this problem though and its because Linux Live USB is not recognizing it as Ubuntu, as I have changed it so much. I am very glad you pointed this issue out to me I assumed it would work fine as it had an Ubuntu base. So little time and so much testing to do lol. I am jumping on this problem right now and will keep working until I solve it. If you use the contact me page I can email you as soon as i have a solution. Learnt my lesson about assuming sorry.

  3. OK temporary solution but not ideal

    you need to change the name of the .iso

    change the 64bit versions name to ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso

    change the 32bit versions name to ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso

    Will add a better solution when I have one will do a post about this on the blog tomorrow.