Saturday, 31 March 2012

Blender-boot 1 Suzanne Alpha 1 Release Announcement!

Blender-boot is designed to be a dual boot Linux distro. It boots straight into a light enviroment with Blender already open. Its has Dropbox and UbuntuOne for saving your files to easily open in your main operating system. It has Blender 2.62, Gimp 2.74 (with single window mode), Guake terminal, Chromium browser and more. It is based on Ubuntu 11.10 for ease of use and the Software Center has been left in, for installing more applications if you want to. Its a distraction free resource light distro designed with Blender in mind and fast rendering, I hope you enjoy it. While in alpha Blender boot is 64bit only, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Download Blender-boot 1 Suzanne alpha 1 (931mb)
Live session login user: blender-boot password: leave blank(empty)

More details:

Blender 2.62 (which automatically updates through system update to latest builds)
Gimp 2.74 (with single window mode)
Chromium browser 17 (why Chromium sign in and all your settings and bookmarks load straight up and its very fast :D)
Ubuntu software centre (the easiest way to install new software)
Blender-boot now has 7GB of free online storage as it has Dropbox with 2GB free storage and Ubuntu1 with 5GB free storage (save your models to one of these and they will be right there in your dropbox or Ubuntu1 on your main system)
Abiword 2.8.6, Gedit and Evince for viewing text tutorials etc
Mplayer (for video tutorials etc)
Guake terminal (drop down terminal with shorcut changed to Ins(insert) key as default was F12 is the Blender render shorcut)
PCMAN file manager (tools to open as root or in a terminal very useful)
Thunderbird (for email)
and more

To burn to USB using Windows I recommend using Linux Live Usb Creator, very easy to use and you can set persistence to  use Blender-boot as a portable distro.

To burn to USB using Ubuntu based distro use Startup Disk Creator, also very easy to use and you can set persistence to  use Blender-boot as a portable distro.

To burn to USB using other Linux distro`s use Unetbootin or similar, there is alot of software for this purpose.

Tutorials for Blender-boot will be on this blog soon.

Things that will change by alpha 2 hopefully:
Smaller download
Look and feel like better wallpapers with smaller logo and more choice for wallpapers without a logo
Software updates or changes
Possibly based on Ubuntu 12.04 but that may not happen until beta 1

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