Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to Blender-boot Basics

Welcome to the first Blender-boot tutorial covering some basic functions of Blender-boot.

Live session login is 
username: custom 
password: leave blank(there is no password)

Basic use

The application menu is accessed by clicking on the Blender-boot icon at the far left of the top panel.

The terminal in Blender-boot is Guake terminal you can open at any time by pressing the Ins(insert) key on your keyboard and also use the same key to hide it.

Web browser in Blender-boot is chromium. To open it just click the icon for it on the top panel or select it from the application menu under the internet section.

Installing more software in Blender-boot couldn't be any easier, just click on the Ubuntu Software icon on the top panel or select from the application menu under the System section. Browse to the software you want and click on install and it will automatically download and intsall.

Browsing your files in Blender-boot is fast and simple. Next to the application menu is a directory menu, click on it to access your folders for Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, Music, Pictures, Public, Templates and Videos.
The fun part basic Blender-boot customization:

Change the wallpaper right click on desktop and select Desktop Settings. Here you can choose from a selection of wallpapers included or press the + to use one you have stored on your computer. You can also adjust the brightness and saturation or use solid colour or gradient for your wallpaper. Note can also be found be clicking the Blender-boot icon on the top panel then settings then setting manager then desktop settings.

Other desktop settings right click on desktop and select Desktop Settings. There are 3 tabs Background covered above, Menu for changing right click and middle click menus and Icons where you can choose the icon size and add some basic icons like your Home folder, Filesystem, Wastebasket and Removable Devices.

The top panel is the most customizable part of Blender-boot. Start by right clicking anywhere on the panel and selecting panel then panel preferences. Here you will find 3 tabs, Display where you can change the panels orientation, lock the panel, set it to automatically show and hide and set measurements, Appearance  where you can change the Background style and alpha, style can be set to none (recommended as this will change when changing them covered below), solid colour or background image. The Alpha changes the transparency of the panel. You can also change the opacity using this tab. The next tab is Items, here you can add and remove things from the panel, this will be covered in a separate tutorial for advanced customization. A link will be here when tutorial is up. You may have noticed above the tabs you can add and remove panels this will also be covered in detail in the advanced customization tutorial.


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  2. Hi sorry I put it on Sourceforge and all the releas announcements should have put it here as well. The login details are username: custom password; leave blank (just press enter there is no password) Sorry again and hopefully by the next release there will be no login for live session.