Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to Blender-boot Update Your System

Keeping your system updated is important in Blender-boot for many reasons, including making sure you always have the latest Blender build. You can update the system using the following two different methods.

Method 1 Update Manager
The Update manager can be found in the application menu under the system section, just open it and it will automatically check for updates for you. To install any updates then just click install to install them all or use the tick boxes to select what you want to update. Do not be alarmed if it comes up with a partial upgrade message just click ok and it will do the partial upgrade, you can then check for updates again and install what is left to install

Method 2 The Terminal
Open Quake terminal by pressing the Ins(Insert) key then use the following commands each line is a new command, which you can copy and paste them in the terminal by right clicking and selecting paste press the enter key to issue each command. You will get prompted for your password after the first command just type it in and press enter.

sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get upgrade 

Note that this method will update everything that needs updating, once you have agreed to the prompt and its starts downloading the updates you can hide the terminal by pressing the Ins(insert) key and leave it going in the background.

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