Saturday, 31 March 2012

Work on Blender-boot 1 Suzzane Alpha 2 has begun Update 10

The very day alpha 1 is released i have begun work on alpha 2 as i have found a bug reported on the bug fixes page and i also am not happy with a few things. So the more time and testing i put into this the sooner i can get the project to Beta. When things get to Beta there will be two versions available 32bit and 64bit this is why Alpha testing is being a little rushed. Even though i am rushing to Alpha(maybe one to two weeks work) you will notice big changes in each version. The biggest change will come when I switch the project to being based on Ubuntu 12.04. but i will not upgrade Blender-boot until stable Ubuntu 12.04 is out. So it will miss alpha 2 but may be in the Beta version. Of course that big an upgrade will need lots of testing so Beta to final will be the biggest gap between releases. Any feedback on Blender-boot would be great, it will help me move along faster if you find some of the bugs or suggest some changes. Blender-boot is not very locked in its design so any suggestions are welcome a few things i wont change but that is for quality and usability reasons.

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